Why Removing a Mattress Infested With Bed Bugs Is an Ineffective Strategy

When someone realizes that bed bugs have infested the bedroom, this is a very upsetting moment. By the time the discovery occurs, the population of these critters is typically quite large. They have been hiding in places people don’t normally look, like under the mattress. Flipping the mattress over sends dozens or even hundreds of the bugs scurrying for cover. It might seem like getting rid of the mattress is a good idea, but that will not end the problem.

Why Throwing the Mattress Out Is Ineffective

Although these insects like invading a mattress because they get food from the humans sleeping there, they can be found in other parts of the room too. They invade the mattress, headboard, bed legs, dressers, nightstands and closets. Some might only be in the bed at night when someone is there. They have no other reason to stay in one place.

Sleeping on a mattress that has been infested with bugs may seem gross and unsettling. However, throwing it out means the household residents still must find a place to sleep. The insects still in the home will follow these individuals to the spare bedroom or the couch. Females continue laying eggs and producing more bugs. The problem has now expanded to other rooms, making treatment more difficult. The mattress could be dispensed with after the problem is fully resolved, but until then, there is no point in throwing it away.

Effective Pest Control Methods

Pest control workers use methods like vacuuming and steaming the mattress and box spring to eradicate all the bugs. Afterward, these pieces are encased so vermin cannot get back in. Pesticide sprays may be directed at other pieces of furniture.

Placing trap containers under the legs of the bed and other furniture allows the household residents to see the population gradually diminish and disappear. These bugs don’t have wings and they also cannot jump. They crawl everywhere they go. The bed must be moved far enough away from the walls that they cannot crawl to the bed from the wall. Although the process is usually not quick, it is effective. Eventually, all these critters will be gone for good.