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Benefits Of Earthquake Resistant Bracing Systems

Earthquakes in America have become part of life, especially for States like California. For those who use mobile homes as a part of their everyday living should pay attention to earthquake safety tips. When earthquakes occur near mobile homes, the damage to the houses is extensive and costly. This is because a large majority of mobile homes are mounted on a system of piers, which is the most common way of providing a sturdy foundation for mobile homes. The piers are leveled and adjusted so that the mobile home rests on top of the piers. Once completed, the mobile homes rest a few inches above the ground where are utility hookups for water, gas, and sewage are attached. The piers, which are not secured to the ground, give way when strong shaking motions on-the-ground occur. The solution for this is the earthquake-resistant bracing systems that provide extra support to the mobile home in case of strong earthquakes. Earthquake-resistant bracing systems prevent serious damage to the mobile home. In this article, we discuss the benefits of installing an earthquake-resistant bracing system.

The benefit of installing an earthquake-resistant bracing system is the fact that it prevents excessive damage to your mobile home in case of an earthquake. By providing extra support for the mobile home, tie-downs are the equipment used to help safely secure a mobile home to the ground against strong winds and earthquakes. Primary support columns made of steel are also used to secure mobile homes to the ground against intense winds and seismic loads By dispersing seismic loads to separate load points.

Another benefit of installing earthquake-resistant bracing systems is to protect the loved ones who reside in the mobile home. Earthquakes are highly dangerous and cause numerous deaths every year in America. Especially for people who live in mobile homes, which are not permanent structures and do not have a proper foundation. By installing bracing systems like the tie Downs or the primary support columns, you give yourself peace of mind that your loved ones will be safe even during natural calamities such as earthquakes and intense winds. You also feel safe and secure, knowing that your house safely secured to the ground.

The initial cost associated with installing earthquake-resistant bracing systems is high, but it is worth it for the peace of mind it provides for the homeowners. During earthquakes and strong winds, many houses are uprooted and heavily damaged. The cost associated with repairing a mobile home after such heavy damage is definitely higher than installing earthquake-resistant bracing systems. Earthquake-resistant systems installed also increases the valuation of your mobile home. The fact that your home is safe even during the worst weather conditions makes it a worthy investment even during resale. Mobile home buyers will be more attracted to safety and security when looking for a new mobile home to buy, especially in States where intense winds and earthquakes are rampant. Maintaining and improving the value of your house or property is always a welcome idea for smart investors. The insurance premiums for mobile homes with systems like the earthquake bracing system are lower than for those without them since the risk of damage or loss to the property is greatly minimized.

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