Two Important Reasons to Hire a Professional Contractor for Roofing and Siding Projects

Hardware stores and home improvement stores continued to be busy during the pandemic, as consumers devoted spare time to projects they had put off for a while. As warm spring weather took hold, they wanted to get started on do-it-yourself exterior tasks. Some home improvement projects, however, should be done by professional contractors. Replacing siding and roofing are two examples. The projects can be completed by the company represented at

Two main issues account for this recommendation.

Preventing Installation Flaws

One is that skilled labor performed by experienced workers is important for preventing installation flaws. Because labor costs are higher than with installation of asphalt shingles, homeowners may be tempted to cut expenses by completing the work on their own. Homeowners who want a metal roofing system to replace shingles likely have no experience with this type of project. Incorrect installation can lead to significant problems with leaks.

Avoiding Safety Hazards

The other issue is a matter of safety. Even professional roofers are considered at higher risk of injury than individuals in most occupations because they work far above the ground. Replacing siding on a home also requires standing on a ladder or other equipment that allows the person to reach the upper parts of the building. Accidents related to falling from heights are the second most frequent cause of serious injuries in this country, with only vehicle collisions ranking higher.

In regard to occupational incidents, falling from heights is not the most common cause of injury. Men and women are more likely to miss workdays because of injuries connected with overuse, such as muscle strain. However, the severity of injuries is substantially greater on average for workers who fall from a roof, ladder or other height. The fatality rate is higher than with other incidents. Falling from a single-story roof are more common causes of injuries to the head and spinal cord than other occupational incidents.

These are issues that must be carefully considered by any homeowners considering doing their own roofing and siding work. Hiring a professional contractor assures that the projects will be completed correctly and protects everyone from safety hazards.