Family Reunions: Follow These Three Tips of Advice for Easier Planning

Summer is the most popular season to plan family reunions. Kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and there are fewer social and work engagements to tie people down. But planning a reunion can be a lot of work, especially for large, extended families. To make planning easier, follow these three tips of advice.

Hire a Caterer

Pot-lucks seem like a great idea. Everyone pitches in and brings the dishes they’re known for, and nobody is stuck with all the cooking. In reality, most pot-lucks end up having lots of deserts and side dishes, and very few main dishes. To avoid the usual odd assortment of foods that show up at pot-lucks, and the headache of coordinating so many dishes, hire a catering service. BBQ catering services, for example, provide all the main and side dishes typical of a traditional BBQ meal, in enough quantities to serve everyone.

Delegate a Photographer

Family reunions are an ideal time to take pictures. With multiple generations, it’s fun to have pictures that document a family’s growth through the years. But when everyone gets busy enjoying themselves, sometimes photos get forgotten, even in this era of cell phone cameras and social media. Delegating photography to a few family members assures that some great photos get taken. If nobody in the family is interested in photography, there’s also the option of hiring a photographer to do a family session.

Choose the Right Location

Choosing a family member’s home isn’t always the ideal option for family reunions. An abundance of guests can overwhelm, even when those guests are much-loved family members. A better option is to choose a neutral location, such as a rentable party venue, a large vacation home, or even a hotel in a fun city. This takes the pressure of family members who want to spend time together, but don’t want to offer up their own homes. A bonus is that the cost of vacation homes and venues can be split, which could mean having a reunion in a location some family members couldn’t normally afford on their own.

Sometimes the goal of having a fun family reunion gets lost in the planning. But family reunions don’t have to be perfect to build great memories. These three tips can help anyone planning a family reunion remember that the goal is being together, not having everything be perfect.